GP 前面板
GP 后面板

New GP series

The new GP series is specially designed for mass selling KTV or multimedia projects. Continuing the classic quality of EX series, components are selected according to HIFI standard to ensure high reliability and consistency of products. With high resolution and dynamic performance, Party K is the best choice for reproducing subtle changes in sound details, clear and exquisite sound quality, rich in grain sense, and dynamic energy.
The noiseless cooling system is configured, so that the power amplifier can maintain a safe and stable temperature operation even in a high temperature environment, and can be operated in an unobtrusive background noise. The design of this noiseless cooling system allows even high-power power amplifiers to be installed in a noisy and sensitive area without worrying about causing any interference.


■ Premium toroidal transformer power supply.
■ XLR input and SpeakON Nl4.
■ Class H power modules(GP8.2)
■ High efficiency Class I™ power modules(GP10.2/GP12.2/GP15.2)
■ Routing mode selector on the back panel (stereo/bridge/parallel)
■ Input sensitivity selector on the back panel(0.775V/1.0V/32dB)
■ Mains circuit-breaker on the back panel.
■ Channel independent protection and clip warning indicators on the front panel.
■ Channel independent power and signal presence indicators on the front panel.
■ Scan the QR code on rear panel, keep the electronic manul permanently.


Model GP8.2 GP10.2 GP12.2 GP15.2
Output power (AC 220V / 50Hz. ±10%, All channels driven output power, THD=1%)
8Ω Stereo Power 800W x2* 1000W x2* 1200W x2* 1500W x2*
4Ω Stereo Power 1200W x2* 1400W x2* 1800W x2* 2200W x2*
8Ω bridge power 2400W* 2800W* 3500W* 4400W*
Other Specifications
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz(+0/-1dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.06% <0.03% <0.03% <0.03%
Signal to noise ratio (A) ≥100dB ≥100dB ≥100dB ≥100dB
Input sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/32dB
Input impedance (balanced/unbalanced) 20kΩ/10kΩ
Voltage Gain 40.3dB 41.2dB 42dB 43dB
Output Category Class 2H Class I™ Class I™ Class I™
Cooling Air flow from front to rear
Input Balance input XLR-F /Balance output XLR-M
Front panel indicators Working indicator/Signal/Clip/Protection
Front panel Power on/volume control knob
Rear panel Stereo/parallel/bridge switch、Sensitivity switch、Mains circuit-breaker
Product Dimension(mm) 483x364x89 483x415x89 483x415x89 483x415x89
Packaging Dimension(mm) 565x530x170 595x565x170 595x565x170 595x565x170


1、The power is tested under EIA standard.
2、*, The power is tested under the condition of 40ms burst,1kHz sine wave and 1% THD.
3、**,The power is tested under the condition of 20ms burst,1kHz sine wave and 1% THD.
3、***,The power is tested under the condition of 10ms burst,1kHz sine wave and 1% THD.
4、SOUNDARD reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior notice.