——2020 Prolight + sound Show GuangZhou

The 18th Guangzhou International Professional Lighting & Sound Exhibition (Prolight & Sound) ended successfully on August 24th 2020.

As one of the earliest professional amplifier brands in China, Soundard has no hesitation in attending the first major professional exhibition held after the COVID epidemic in 2020.

Although the number of visitors to Guangzhou exhibition has decreased compared with previous years, there were also many customers and visitors coming to the exhibition. The Soundard booth was still very lively, the atmosphere was relatively active, and the audience was enthusiastic.

Mr. Ren, domestic sales manager, was introducing the new Soundard E series products to customers.

Mr. Ren, the domestic sales manager, was patiently explaining the new Soundard X series products to customers.

Soundard’s new product MEGA2500 made its debut in Guangzhou Exhibition. This amplifier, with the reputation of being the world’s most powerful amplifier for toroidal transformer power supply, was deeply loved by the audience. It provides 2x2500W power at 8 ohm. The front panel has 5 LED screens showing different parameters, allowing real-time monitoring of machine status. What’s more it has built-in X-over, which one channel can drive for subwoofer, another channel for full range speakers. Ideally for bars or applications which required high-cost effective.

The Soundard brand has been adhering to the concept of: sound is the step, stability is the foundation, make the sound under world standard, and committed to research and development of Chinese quality products that can be highly recognized by the world. This new product MEGA was successfully launched in Guangzhou exhibition and was favored by customers. It is the world’s affirmation of the unbreakable international status of the Soundard brand.
The success of this exhibition cannot be achieved without the efforts of the Soundard team. Through this exhibition, we are more determined to meet the challenges of the industry in 2020!